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Social Media Marketing for Contractors


Social Media Marketing for Contractors: “Can contractors benefit from social media marketing?”

This is one of contractors’ most frequently asked questions, and the answer is a resounding YES.

Social Media Marketing for Contractors
Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Big firms, restaurants, and clothing lines aren’t the only ones who benefit from social media marketing. Building social media profiles and experimenting with social media marketing efforts can help any contracting company. Why?

  • Eighty-one percent of consumers say suggestions and posts from friends on social media influence their shopping decisions.
  • Ninety percent of young adults and 77 percent of individuals aged 30-49 use social media regularly.
  • After email, social media is the second most successful digital marketing tool for consumer retention.
  • 71% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after hearing about it on social media.
  • 74% of customers use social media to make purchasing decisions.
  • You can target clients who have previously shown interest in contracting services through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Social media marketing for contractors’ websites, contrary to popular belief, can create a considerable amount of leads, sales, and recommendations for your website. The largest client Blue Corona has ever had came via a Facebook lead!

Your company’s success is dependent on your clients’ trustworthiness, ethics, and communication. These are also characteristics of a successful business or personal relationship. Your marketing plan should aid in developing these relationships, and social media is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Social media is used for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is to better understand the businesses with which they are considering doing business. According to study, 78 percent of consumers are motivated to buy—or not buy—from a company based on its social media posts. If you want potential consumers to feel confident in their decision to hire you, you need to be on social media.

Continue reading to learn what social media can do for your contracting firm and how to use it for potential clients.

Why should contractors use social media?

You must be present on social media because everyone else is. They’re also there to determine where they can get the required products and services. According to a Nielsen survey, customers rely on social media for more information on shopping decisions than any other internet source. At 52 percent, user reviews come in second. When company is active on social media, you may reach out to many of these people.

Social media may also help you figure out what your potential clients desire. You can use your website to learn more about what citizens and businesses are looking for in a contractor, what services they want, and what factors influence their decision. This type of feedback makes it easier to provide the correct services to the right target audience with the right message.

While these things are beneficial, the main goal of using social media is to help your business expand. Continue reading to see how it can assist you with this.


What role does social media play in your contracting firm?

Many people use social media to contact friends and family, share photos and videos, and stay updated on the latest news. This is also what makes it a powerful marketing tool. You can market your business without using a direct sales pitch on social media, which leads to more clients and projects. Here’s how to do it:

Your messages have a greater reach.

Granted, you won’t be able to reach everyone on Facebook or Twitter, but you should be able to get enough people to help your business grow. The key is to share. As you gain followers, your current followers share your material with them, resulting in leads you would not have found otherwise.

As a result, your brand becomes more approachable.

Many marketing campaigns portray the business in the best light imaginable. While this is frequently true, these ads nevertheless leave unsolved questions. By following your company on social media, potential customers can learn more about your company and begin a relationship with you that isn’t purely transactional.

Your adverts might be pretty specific.

While using social media is free, each network has its own set of paid advertising choices to consider. On a tight budget, its reaching millions of people is difficult, but with the appropriate targeting, you may reach those most likely interested. Your plan becomes more cost-effective when you narrow down your demographic.

How to get started with contractor social media marketing?

Now that you’ve decided that social media is worthwhile, here’s how to use it for advertising your construction company.

Social Media Marketing for Contractors
Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Step 1: Reserve your company’s name on all key social media platforms.

I didn’t say, “Start posting on all main social media channels.” Simply save your name so you may use it when (or if) you’re ready to start using a specific channel.

The following accounts should be set up for home service businesses in the following order:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube\sInstagram
  • Twitter

The best strategy for home builders is:

  • Facebook\sInstagram
  • Houzz
  • Pinterest

Remember the ultimate purpose of social media for the construction sector, regardless of the platforms you use: generating awareness, action, and engagement that you wouldn’t have obtained otherwise.

Step 2: Choose a channel and begin interacting with your followers.

A canal, once more. One of them, at least. You don’t have to be active everywhere right away, and attempting to do so would almost certainly leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. As a result, you’ll have idle social accounts, perhaps worse than having none.

Step 3: Post in a strategic manner.

Despite overwhelming evidence to contrary, social media is more than just a rubbish dump. Instead, social media may become a growth engine when home services and construction companies create content that meets three goals.

  1. Builds awareness
  2. Serves customers
  3. Drives action

Step 4: Make a content schedule.

Part of the reason business owners become overwhelmed by social media is that they have trouble deciding what to share. If you create a primary content calendar, you won’t have to sit and watch your cursor flicker while racking your brain for creative inspiration.

Step 5:Match your post to the characteristics of each platform.

Many companies mistake posting the same material on multiple social media platforms. I understand their desire to save time, yet, it is not the most successful technique. Why? You can use the same theme before, but make sure your postings are tailored to each channel.

Step 6: As your company grows, rejoice!

Social media is an integral part of your contractor marketing strategy. People that engage with you on social media are more likely to visit your website so that you can grow your email list so that you have a list of contacts that you own so that you can drive business Winning!

Contractors’ social media tactics.

For your business, social media is a tremendous marketing tool. So, how are you going to make the most of it? These steps will get you started in the right direction.

Post regularly.

Social media users frequently check their newsfeeds and timelines and enjoy seeing fresh postings and updates. 

Make at least a few updates per day. Share a link to a recent news piece, images of a recently completed project, or even corporate updates. If you’re out of content ideas, leave comments on other people’s posts or join in on debates. Make sure you do it frequently enough to stay visible in people’s social media feeds.

Engage with your audience.

While one of your key social media objectives may be to recruit new clients, you should also attempt to establish relationships with other businesses in your field. Participate in debates about your industry’s rules, pricing pressures, and other challenges. If you start sharing news and updates from other companies, you’ll very probably get the same back from them as well.

In addition, it is critical that you interact with your past and current customers. Respond to any reviews of your services and give guidance to anyone who inquires. Your company’s reputation, network, and potential clients will develop over time.

Track your results

In the beginning, a social media strategy is a bit of a guessing game. In order to determine if you are accomplishing your goals, it is necessary to monitor the outcomes. Analyze your strategy’s performance with the built-in analytics tools.

Measure the number of followers and the number of times content is shared on each channel. Analyze the click-through rate of your material to see how much money you may make from it. As you track your progress, you’ll be able to determine which strategies are working best for you and adjust your overall plan accordingly.

Interested in leveraging the power of social media to grow your brand?

Word-of-mouth and other forms of social media are two of the most common ways that contractors receive new business. Using social media to find new customers makes sense, then. Get involved in social media to increase your visibility, connect with new customers, and showcase your expertise.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our social media management services. You may get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help you build your business by using social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

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