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how to bid insulation jobs


how to bid insulation jobs: PPC marketing for insulation firms is not a one-size-fits-all strategy; market size, work types, brand awareness, and the audience that is targeted all differ from company to company. Nevertheless, there are a variety of best practices and trends that can help any insulation firm create more qualified leads and revenues via the web. These can assist eliminate the discrepancies that previously existed.

Whether you serve a large metropolitan area, a handful of sparsely populated towns, one specific type of insulation, or multiple, it is important to make sure that you understand not only who you are and what you provide as a company, but also the landscape of the market and the behaviors of your customers. This is true whether you serve a single type of insulation, multiple types of insulation, a specific type of insulation, or multiple types of insulation.

Being asked to submit a bid for a spray foam job is thrilling since it brings to mind the possibility of a lucrative paycheck. Bidding can come with some dangers, especially if you are just starting out in the business. Stay away from the temptation to submit a bid that is exceptionally cheap in cost in the hopes of landing the work, only to find out that the margin is too small for there to be any profit to be made from the transaction.

how to bid insulation jobs

It is always essential to have good information in order to provide a sound bid that you can live with. To begin, you need to have a firm grasp on the expenses of both labor and materials. However, this can be tough to do, particularly if you are just starting a spray foam firm and hence may not have previous jobs that are comparable to use as a point of reference.

how to bid insulation jobs

The Foam Market and Your Competitors

Consider giving your competitors in the spray foam market a call and inquiring about the prices they charge per square foot. This will help you obtain a better knowledge of the prices they are charging. This will assist identify the acceptable range of prices in the market, and it is always ideal to have prices that are competitive with those of your competitors.

After the market range has been identified, the exact square footage of the regions that are going to be sprayed needs to be calculated. This is a vital step in the process. Take accurate measurements of these areas, establish the total square footage, and then use that number to calculate the cost of the project as well as the amount of material that will be required to finish it.

After determining the square footage, proceed with the calculation as outlined in the following paragraph:

Your price per board foot multiplied by the thickness of the material (per local building code or desired by customer) x square footage (walls, ceilings, etc.)


Discounts and Scheduling

Stay away from the temptation to provide a volume discount while you’re putting in bids for large spray foam jobs. When working on larger assignments, there are more things that can go wrong, which can slow down the work pace, interrupt the timetable, and ultimately cut into the profits.

The completion of large tasks takes more time, and because they often last for several weeks, there is a greater likelihood that inclement weather may disrupt the work and cause delays than there is for shorter jobs that just last a few hours or days. Temperature changes can have an effect on foam yields, which in turn can have a significant negative influence on the job’s profitability.

Additionally, when it comes to finishing the interior (of a building, for example, a house), spray foam and insulation contractors are typically the last tradespeople on the job before sheetrock and finishing. This is because spray foam and insulation are typically installed after drywall is installed. In the event that your schedule falls behind, the architect, homeowner, general contractor, and anybody else who is involved will put pressure on you to complete the work as soon as possible.

Safety and Equipment Availability

Large jobs might involve additional safety concerns and other unforeseen considerations, which can suck up more time and resources than smaller jobs would normally require. This is in addition to the scheduling complications that come with large jobs.

If you only have one spray rig, it’s possible that it will be stuck working on a major project for several months. Because of this, you won’t be able to take on any other works that are less significant but could bring in more money while your equipment is working on a larger assignment.

Consider including an additional markup of 20-30 percent on top of your base rate in order to avoid these potential issues. This can assist ensure that a major job continues to generate a profit, despite the presence of other elements that may create unanticipated delays and expenses.


The utilization of data tracking and gathering systems is a fantastic method for calculating the prices of labor and materials for each individual job. After gathering this information, one can then utilize it to confidently bid on jobs based on the prior material usage and manpower required to accomplish jobs of a comparable scale.

A smartphone, tablet, or computer can be used with some of these devices in order to collect data on the activity occurring at a work site in real-time. Systems for tracking and collecting data of a high quality give information on electric and hydraulic reactors, showing whether or not they are spraying, idle, or turned off. The bidding process can be aided by the information provided by a job log, a daily usage log, and a system event log.

Information gathered by data tracking and gathering systems that make use of mobile phone networks is typically stored in the cloud so that it may be accessed quickly and easily. If a mobile connection is not available close to a task site, the information will be gathered and sent to the cloud as soon as a link is made. Data collected during tasks can also be saved in case there are questions regarding a spray job at a later time.

These systems offer a variety of benefits, including improved fleet and crew management through the provision of information regarding whether reactors are operating, idling, or turned off, as well as tracking productivity according to staff or machine. The owner or management can receive daily reports via email if they so choose.

If you have data that is documented and shows the spray parameters for each job, then you will have the ability to publish data reports with your clients as a value-added service. This information can also assist owners in remotely troubleshooting difficulties and determining whether it is the appropriate time to increase the size of their fleet of spray rigs.

If you do not have access to reliable information, you will not be able to bid on spray foam contracts successfully and make a profit from them. You will be able to reliably make bids if you are aware of your expenses for labor and materials, in addition to rates prevailing in the local market.

The process of bidding can be streamlined with the help of an effective data tracking and collection system, which can also provide essential information on the performance of your company’s jobs as it expands.

Gain a better understanding of your market and your competitors. Consider calling and asking the charge rate per square foot to compare the market price range and be competitively priced.

Know your precise square footage. Carefully measure the surfaces to calculate total square footage and use that to determine the price and amount of material needed to complete the job.

Calculate. PRICE = Your price per board foot x thickness (per local building code or desired by customer) x square footage (walls, ceilings, etc) (walls, ceilings, etc.)

Bidding Large Jobs: Avoid the temptation to provide a volume discount. Larger jobs mean more stuff that can go wrong including weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, scheduling of other contractors, etc. Safety and device availability can also play some role. Keep these things in mind when considering bidding on larger jobs and be sure to include a markup of 20-30 percent above the base rate to overcome these potential pitfalls.

Track Your Results: Data Tracking and collection systems are a great way to determine material usage and labor costs for each job with your spray foam rig. This information can then be used to confidently bid jobs based on previous material usage and labor to accomplish similar-sized jobs.

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