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The Primary Benefit of Using Structured Snippet


Comparing your text- and image-ad extensions against your competitors can help you determine how to make your ads more clearly stand out to potential users.

Structured snippets are an easy way to show off your information in your ad. Here, we’ll go over what structured snippets are and why they’re valuable, as well as provide a few structured snippet examples to help with your adjustment.

Structured snippets are assets that bring a distinctive spin on your service or product in your snippet. Structured snippets are placed as text sources with particular tags (for example, “Destinations”), whereas the list of values is indicated at the bottom of your ad. This article offers a general overview of structured snippets.

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What are structured snippets?

Structured snippets are a kind of ad extension for Google Ads techniques that allow you to include supplementary product details in your search advertisements. Structured snippets are used to summarize specific features of your product or service.

The header may include options in several formats and a list of specific services. Plain text is one such example of an explicit section here. Examples of companies’ services are available in the snippet example from Google.

How structured snippets work?

Go to the Structured Snippets tab in the account, campaign, or ad group management to set up structured snippets. Structured snippets made at lower levels will automatically override structured snippets you set up at a higher level. You can also schedule when you make your snippets appear, which you can customize for each level.

Links to additional structured data can be seen below the rest of your advertisement. A computer will display up to two data frames at once. River and phone, only one frame will appear at a time.

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Why use structured snippets?

Structured snippets are an efficient way to add to your Google search campaigns.

They allow potential clients to see what you offer by providing potential customers with interactive previews of your business or product. These previews can help you make sure that your advertisement is more relevant to the search intent of the individual searching and can help you stand out from similar ads.

By offering more information about your business, you can attract even more visitors to your website and get more out of your Google Ads campaigns.

Structured Snippets vs. Callout Extensions

Structured Snippets and callouts are basically the same, so Google created this helpful comparison chart that appears like this: When used appropriately, both of these features will yield impressive outcomes for your SEO campaign.

The differences between extensions are the information you can inform your visitors about.

The Structured Snippet Extension can make your business seem more likely to be at the top of your drive by allowing you to highlight your exceptional services. For example, Google can show you the best hotels and their corresponding amenities if you’re searching for a hotel in the Cayman Islands.

It may be helpful to you or your customers to provide more details that can help with your offerings. But Callout Extension offers you the opportunity to provide info that can help to improve more or less every facet of your services and products. For instance, a hotel can set free cancellation fees, schedule 24-hour customer support, and require customer assessments.

Calls are drawn to bring consumers by showing them why they should consider the added value that your business provides them with the products you market.

Which Extension Should You Use?

Although sectors like callouts and Structured Snippets may make your regular paid advertisements more effective, understanding the difference between the two is essential to use them most effectively. If you value the effectiveness of your ads, it is vital to utilize callouts and Structured Snippets when appropriate. Maximizing your budget by only heightening your ad effectiveness is also crucial.

Ad Rank and CTR will improve the more extensions you have for your ad. Extensions can help you determine Ad Rank and CTR.

How to setup AdWords Structured Snippet Extensions

Step 1:

Guide to the “Ad Extensions” tab within your Google Adwords account.

Step 2:

Select the level of the campaign you’d like to apply for your structured snippet extension. We suggest creating numerous account-level extensions, so each campaign uses them and then making various structured snippet extensions at the campaign and ad group levels.

Be sure to add your best-performing keywords to a structured snippet to increase your ad group’s performance.

Step 3:

You might notice an extension button at the top of the screen with a yellow + sign. It is located next to the structured snippet extensions button on the left side of the page.

Step 4:

Add the values the minarets correspond to as headers. If you have selected the header trademarks, you will want to add the trademarks that you sell underneath the header brands. Use another blue “Add” button to add other keyed values.

The value can be an utmost of 25 characters and you require at least three values to input.

Step 5:

Click the “Save” button when you’re happy with your widgets’ extensions.

Step 6:

If you haven’t yet selected your structured snippet extension to include, you can locate it to the right of the panel, scroll down, and click the save button once more.

Please add a range of structured snippets to be able to run various sets against one another to see which works best. The order of choice for displaying structured snippets according to their position in our system.

How to setup Structured Snippet Extensions for Enterprise PPC?

You can utilize bulk uploads and Excel if you wish to receive 1,000 or more Structured snippet extensions uploaded into a large-scale AdWords account.

Step 1:

It is essential to manually create at least one structured snippet by following the guidelines in Chapter 4 of the Guide to Create Adwords Structured Snippet Extensions. It will set up the essential structured snippet feed.

Step 2:

Select a structured element feed to display the structured element you have previously created.

Step 3:

You will now want to give your spreadsheet with your structured snippets in structured spreadsheet format. The requirements for a sheet with these arrangements are that they have to have a header in column one, in column two must contain your structured snippets. In column three, you must place the additional buttons for software programs currently installed on your computer.

Step 4:

You can select the Edit Upload Spreadsheet option when uploading a spreadsheet.

Structured snippets examples

In the following examples, you will discover highly structured examples along with display ideas pulled directly from real Google search machine results pages (SERPs) and some made-up examples that were created using Google Ads. An ads sightly option can behave as indicated in Google Ads.

  • Amenities
  • Brands
  • Courses
  • Degree Programs
  • Featured hotel
  • Insurance coverage
  • Models
  • Neighborhoods
  • Service catalog
  • Shows
  • Styles
  • Types

Below are structured snippet examples for each of these headers.


This advertisement for a hotel rental uses the amenities header in Airbnb, which lets you mention features or services offered by a hotel, such as a whole house space.


This advertisement utilizes the goods or brand headers to include different prices for computer products sold by Dell.

Individual items posted after the brands header must be of the brands you present, with no added info concerning the brands or products. Options like strange Alienware laptop amounts can’t handle or consist of.


The header of the Courses section is designed to reflect courses provided by the educational institution whose page is being viewed. The items listed have to be courses instead of categories of classes or whole degree programs.

That is also a possibility, but if your preferred choice consists of either trigonometry or creative writing, not MBA or economics courses, it will not be accepted.

Degree programs

The Education featured degree program header allows you to market the academic programs of an institution you support. Use the Limits section to list categories for the program, if applicable. You can specify the language for the entire header or set segments.


With the destination’s context box, you can select particular locations individuals can travel to, such as:

  • Cities
  • States
  • Countries
  • Continents
  • Sites or attractions

Featured hotels

The featured hotel’s header lets advertisers show particular hotels they can reserve for their clients. This structured snippet header option is designed to help online reservation sites such as Seat Geek and Orbitz, as well as travel agencies and other businesses that book hotels and drop them off for their customers or help them on the way to book a hotel room in a hotel.

Insurance coverage

You can add a destination header to show your particular type of insurance for any destination you select.


The Structured Snippet for Models structured snippet header lets you list various products such as vehicles or personal electronics. The values you must enter must be lists of uniform model names rather than identifiable manufacturer or store names and must not include additional information such as model year or specifications.


You can format structured snippets to list neighborhoods by setting subdistricts as choices for the items listed in the categories associated with each header. You cannot use pieces of the structured snippet to list neighborhoods for the names of the cities themselves, building names, or other types of locations.

Service catalog

A structured snippet belonging to a service memorandum allows businesses to categorize services offered by them. You may only use this header to specify services offered by your business, not products or product features.


Advertisers can list the names of TV shows or performances in the column titled Shows in the show’s header.


You may use the tag field for categorizing subparts in broader product categories. All good parts within the same category should be similar, making the category a category header.


The type header permits you to list the line-up of a product category. This header is more general, so it is helpful if you’re unsure what header option to use.

Benefits of Using Structured Snippet

Structured snippets offer an array of advantages that many businesses often end up overlooking. Every business has its vision about wanting to rank at the top of an internet search engine’s ranking scales, but the benefits of obtaining a featured snippet remain precisely the same regardless of how someone wants to achieve that goal.

You’ll also benefit from your optimized site, including the following benefits:

Steal away traffic from the top results

Research and findings indicate that featured snippets could attract traffic to a website if it’s unable to rank organically on the first page of search engines. Fe-featured snippets do not receive more clicks than the best-ranking website, but they do provide a reason to forego those that don’t. In that scenario, these snippets are handy.

In general, paragraphs on the first few pages of a search query don’t always generate the desired traffic for your site. Nevertheless, snippets that contain your website’s information can nudge you into obtaining high rankings. Consequently, your greater visibility will result in more visitors.

Optimize Your Voice Search

Right now, 50% of all searches are conducted through voice search. New search technologies make things easier when we ask more abstract questions. It also became more popular as so many inquiries are made on mobile devices.

Which specific questions generate more questions will depend on what one particular question requests. Whether it’s regarding a sporting event, recipe, music festival, or virtually any other topic, simple paragraphs, lists, tables, and reviews are the most straightforward and convenient sources for your users to forgo.

Mobile apps and websites always seem to be performing several tasks simultaneously, so checking multiple pages is often inefficient. It’s all about the convenience of accomplishing many different things at the exact same time.

Present You as an Authoritative Source

One critical thing businesses are battling over on the internet is whom they have the most to gain from a customer’s trust. Because of many contenders, it isn’t easy to understand the reputation and define your niche on your own. From a user’s perspective, the site with a pre-alpha snippet is the leading authority.

The most popular sites for detailed listings are the best to gather information. It includes the sensation of Wikipedia, Amazon, Quora, Mayo Clinic, Dictionary, etc. As soon as you get a featured snippet, you’re automatically seen as a trusted source, which means that you become the most widely used portal whenever users want reliable information.

Promote your products and services instantly

Structured snippets provide you concrete glimpses into what’s encapsulated within your products and services via your ad copy.

Improve your return on investment

Your ads can reveal more details to visitors who will look at your ads, potentially increasing the number of clicks your ad receives and your return on investment.


You can include structured snippets at the account, campaign, or ad group levels. Enter the timeframes, dates, time zones, or times of the day during which you will display the structured snippets.

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In conclusion, structured snippets are business-specific data in the form of structured snippets, usually located in the header of your text ad instead of in the traditional ad text. You can see how structured snippets are displayed beneath your ad’s text.

The structured snippet format can help your Google AdWords ads get more clicks from people who seek certain content. Learn tactics and examples for using structured snippet formats in your ads for the reader.

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